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San Francisco is changing. We need leaders like Jane who can change with it.

My name is Jane Natoli. I came to San Francisco for the same reasons so many others came before me. For it's opportunity, it’s beauty, and because it’s a place people can truly be their best selves. What I found was a city that doesn't always live up to its reputation. It's why I work every day to make this city the best place it can be for the LGBTQ community, bicyclists, and those seeking affordable housing. It's also why I’m running to represent the Westside of San Francisco on the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC).

Our problems are not intractable, but we need new, experienced voices who are thoughtfully looking to solve the challenges we face as a city. I don’t hear the voices of people who are bikers, renters, or trans like me, helping to set the direction of the future of the party.

Together, we can work to tackle the challenges facing San Francisco and make it into the city we know it can be, with opportunities, inclusion, and equity for all. Come be a part of that change with me.

Where Jane Natoli Stands

San francisco needs more Homes

When I moved to San Francisco I got lucky with finding a place to live. There’s no other way to put it. I was in the right place at the right time and because of it, I have the privilege to call this city my home. But San Francisco shouldn’t be the kind of city that requires luck or wealth to live here. We need a Democratic Party that embraces more homes of all types to increase housing availability. My work as a Board Director for YIMBY Action< reflects my belief that there are plenty of thoughtful ways we can provide housing, especially on the Westside of San Francisco, and that we need committed leaders to make it happen.


We must continue to be A vanguard for lgbtq equality

As a trans woman, I’ve found the reality of San Francisco to be more complicated than its reputation. It's a great fortune to be able to live in this city as an openly queer person, but for too many LGBTQ residents, it's opportunity is out of reach. Young queer people move to San Francisco to be themselves, only to experience crushing housing prices. I see this in my work as a board member for the SF LGBT Center, where we work connecting the LGBTQ community with the opportunities they need to flourish.

We have to change how we get around our city

As an advocate for bicyclists and while biking around the city, I’ve learned that while it’s one of the best ways to get around San Francisco, people still don’t feel safe on the streets. It’s up to us to change that. It's what motivated me to get involved with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. We need to change how we get around San Francisco for the safety of the most vulnerable using our streets today and for everyone in the future. We remade the city for automobiles in the middle of the 20th century and it's time to remake it for people in the 21st.


Engagement matters

I've talked with many new residents of San Francisco over the years and far too often, they don’t know how to get involved. We need a San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee that focuses on making it easier for people to get engaged and focus their energies into the areas mattering to them. To get there, we need to elevate obscure meetings and elections to provide increased transparency and opportunities to shape the future of the Democratic Party, especially as we head into the critical 2020 election.


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